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The launch of V6

Posted: 21:41 on Wednesday, 29th July 2015

After a number of stalled attemps, a new version of is here.  This is the 6th public version of the site, although there have been a number of failed attempts along the way (I found at least 5 different versions when reviewing old notes/artwork).  This new version is the first developed in Asp.Net and is responsive. The last version of this site with was launched in 2007 (previous version with any form of content was 2005), so the new version is long overdue.  Since then, a lot has changed; I've completed university, worked as a developer at a design agency for 8 years, bought a house, got married and no doubt more.  

I plan on keeping this site up to date with details on development projects i'm working on, details for my public code repositorires and music projects I've worked on.  Updates will most likely be inversely proportional to my Steam account stats (shown on the right).  Enjoy!



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