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Posted: 14:19 on Monday, 7th December 2015

I didn't quite plan on this taking 5 months, however I've spent a significant amount of time playing Ark: Survival Evolved.  A great (but buggy :earlyaccess:) game and with decent risk/reward.  Amongst the Beansforce, we've been referring to it as "Eve Lite" as there as losing dinos/assets during raids feels similar to the ship loss mechnics of Eve.

Anyway, due to it being an early access game and there being a lot of updates, it's a pain in the arse to keep checking to Steam thread to see what is being fixed (and then broken again) for each patch.  I decided to make a bot which would tweet each time there was a patch note update.  Details here:

Ark Updates

I might release some details about another tool for Ark I made at some point, although I'll save that for another time.

Now that I've got Ark out of my system, I've got a few development blog posts planned out for here which will be posted once I've written up my notes and created example projects/repos for a few topics I've had to figure out for myself.

I've got 2 other new projects I need to tidy up and document then release, however new things keep drawing my attention from the boring finalising work.  At some point I'll get those sorted.

There might even be some music updates as I've been getting back into that recently, however I'm not going to rush any of that stuff.  I think that's it until next time... See you in another 5 months!



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